Thursday, October 4, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Money from your Photos!! Cool

Do you have pictures on a blog or sites like MySpace or Gather?Do you put pictures online for your family & friends to see?Use pictures for eBay?Join this site & you can make a little money each time your pictures are viewed.How cool is that?

You can't have 1 person view a picture 10x a day & get more money.1 view per person for each picture counts.

Read their FAQs for rules like min.age for account [13 yrs,I believe] & no porno,etc.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another site to earn $$

Just have a quick moment,but had to tell you all about this site:

I just joined,but have had others tell me only good things about!You earn points that can be converted in gift certificates or cash.You earn points for just about everything you do on the site.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Turn Your Chatting into Cash! Easy!

If you are reading this,you most likely have e-mail.Just as likely,you know 1 or more people that you talk to through e-mail.Do you post to some e-mail discussion groups? How much has all of that added to your bank account?
Hmm,let's see.... a big fat $0.

Do you have a page on myspace?If so,how much do you earn when you log in to your account pages? Ever notice how many times your page has been viewed?How much have you earned from your friends viewing your page?Oh,I know! Another big $0.

I know,myspace is fun.You can keep in contact with your friends and make new friends. Yes,I understand you have questions or opinions on those discussions they have on your e-mail group.But,why would you continue to do that all for free when you could pocket a little money doing the same thing?

Yes,you read that correctly.Read on and I will show you a site that is much like myspace;except they pay you.I will also show you a site that will pay you to have discussions with others.

This is a lot like myspace.Get your friends to sign up.Join some of the groups,make new friends and earn more money by getting page views.You seriously get paid for simple things like:
page views -- when someone views your profile,blog,lists of all your friends,views your comments or pictures.Also,make money when you go into your Control Panel and view your settings,messages,friends,referrals,favorites,etc.
You make money every time one of the above views are done. Sitting there hitting refresh won't count.You must click.Oh & just allow at least 3 seconds between page views [clicks].
The point at this site is to make friends that will view your page....a lot of them.Remember,be a good friend & return the favor for your friends.

Click the above and join.You make money by starting a discussion or replying to discussions.The more you post or reply,the more you will make.You can also make a little money by uploading pictures into the different interest categories.
Encourage your friends & anyone that you normal talk with through e-mail to join.Then,the next time you want to ask a question or get a discussion going on some random topic, bring it here! Why use e-mail and earn nothing?
A couple of things to keep in mind:
No foul language
You won't make money by just replying with one or two words.Try to always respond with at least 2 or 3 sentences.
You won't get rich with these programs.But,you will make some money.You will have a lot more money doing the above programs than you will have using e-mail or myspace!